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All-in-one Website Building Software

If your business has a website then one of the main priorities in the upkeep of that website should be consistently updated website content. Old, outdated content can do a lot of damage to your appearance to visitors to your site. If you neglect your own Web presentation of yourself, then how are you going to convince potential clients you will be dedicated to them? It used to be difficult to keep your Web content updated by yourself, needing FTP access, a graphics program, and software for page-editing, in addition to the personal knowledge and expertise to update it correctly.

Luckily at SmartNet we have created a Content Management System that takes away the hard effort and consuming time of maintaining superior and updated Website content.

Our Custom Content Management System:

At SmartNet we wanted to create a Content Management System that was easy to use and required minimal time and effort on our client’s part to maintain and update their websites. What we produced was our "SmartWeb Builder" Content Management System, the answer to all of our client’s concerns.

Our "SmartWeb Builder" only requires a web browser and Internet connection to use, and is by far one of the easiest approaches to updating Website content. We adapted our Content Management System to include common word-processing software that our clients are already familiar with to make the transition that much easier. The editing user interface provides ease when editing and creating text, uploading and adding pictures, inserting tables, implementing hyperlinks, creating anchor tags, and an unbelievable amount more. "SmartWeb Builder" allows it's users to even create, change, and update new Web pages and menu bars. Your website’s unique design and flair will not be sacrificed with our easier than ever to use cascading style sheets (CSS).

Our Content Management System will provide flawless updates, taking minimal time and effort, meaning your business will consistently have a fresh, updated website that will set you apart from competition.

What is "SmartWeb Builder"?

Content Management System

"SmartWeb Builder" is the ultimate Content Management System that any non-technical user could ask for. It provides easy access and approaches to changing, updating, and maintaining website content. We already have over 1,000 thrilled customers using our superior system in their websites and applications, including:

  • Business websites
  • Corporate intranets
  • Article directories
  • Blogs and personal websites
  • Video-driven websites
  • Online magazines
  • Community websites
  • Websites for schools
  • Web 2.0 & Social Media
  • Review/Rating Websites

Quickly Bring your Website Vision to Reality!

SmartNet will give you the tools to create a customized website with minimal effort and in a faster amount of time then ever! We offer software that allows users to implement Drag and Drop, create Internet media type and delegate access control to other users.

Our team at SmartNet will help monitor and support you in studying, researching and creating lead capture forms. Our built-in image manager makes it easier than ever to upload, edit, and maintain multiple pictures at once. In addition, we will help you to create versatile lists and menus, adding more creativity and originality to your site. We will help you in whatever way we can to create a custom website tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, SmartNet offers complete WYSIWYG content editing, the exciting, collaborative Web 2.0 and it’s corresponding technology, "AJAX" and support for “AJAX”, in addition to:

  • Google Analytics integration
  • YouTube video embed support
  • Full Twitter integration
  • Multiple users & groups
  • Flexible permissions
  • Threaded commenting system
  • Unlimited sub category support
  • Batch upload multiple images
  • User profiles & pictures
  • Built-in logo editor/uploader
  • Email to friend feature
  • CAPTCHA support on all forms
  • Integrated modules system
  • Easily design integration.

We offer you first-rate technology and services to guarantee your webpage has the best support and most unique design and styles. Make the move to finally crush your competition and establish yourself as the only choice for your industry, and implement our Content Management System designed by SmartNet for dominating professionals, like you, today.