Feb 18 2016

SmartNet Solutions’ Partner Michael Krisher Quoted in Clickz Article

SmartNet Solutions’ Partner Michael Krisher was quoted in a Clickz article discussing the topic of the 2016 United States Presidential Candidate’s Branding & Logo Designs.   The Chief Strategy Office at Landor & Associates was also interviewed for commenting.  The article was written by Mike O’Brien, a reporter at Clickz.

Article excerpts:

That branding double-whammy is part of why Mike Krisher, co-owner of SmartNet Solutions, thinks Trump has the strongest logo.

“It’s not so creative, but it’s direct. As a candidate, whether we like him or not, he’s direct and to the point so it does represent him well,” says Krisher.

“It’s very clean and simple, and more modern,” he adds, noting that going the subliminal message route as Clinton did is passé. “Nowadays, when you look at Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter and all those sites, they have very clean logos.”

“That map of the U.S. above the I is not very creative. It’s pretty horrible; it’d be like me spelling ‘Mike’ and putting the state of Ohio above the I,” says Krisher.

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