This is where it all starts…your logo design

  • It’s the first step in creating a brand identity to represent your company or brand.
  • Get a 100% custom & uniquely designed logo, that you approve each step of the way.
  • We carefully design your company logo design based on your ideas, goals, and plans.
  • Bring your company to the next level with a professionally designed logo.
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Why do you need a Logo Design & Brand Identity?

“The average American sees 16,000 advertisements, logos, and labels in a day”, said Dharma Singh, M.D, in his book Brain Longevity.

You might or might not notice, but from the moment you wake up – to the moment you go to sleep, you are bombarded by logos and brand identities. You wake up, stretch, your eyes adjust as you make your way to the bathroom to find brands such as Kohler, Colgate, Listorine, Johnson & Johnson, Irish Spring, Head & Shoulders, Bed Bath & Beyond, Arm & Hammer, Old Spice, Gillete, Dove, Lacoste, and you haven’t even left home yet. I think you get the point of how crucial a logo is to a company’s brand identity. They’re everywhere you look, and someone just might be looking at yours.

A great Logo Design can make or break how others view your company or brand. It shows your potential clients that you put time and effort in creating an identity that will provide that same time and effort into the services or products that you could provide to them.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The design is the reflection of your brand positioning. It plays a vital role in building your brand or corporate identity.

Car Logo Design
Car Logo Design
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Sporting Logo Design
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Medical Logo Design
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Logo Design Process

We carefully design your logo based on your ideas, and plans. Our Goal is to give you the best quality out there. Our skilled designers will carefully design and bring your ideas to life. Where most other companies will consult one time, SmartNet will consult with you through the entire creation process. We will not quit until you have a design that fits you and your company 100%!

Tailored Custom Logos

Why purchase a pre-made logo when you can have a say in the next step of the design? With SmartNet, you won’t get a machine or an overseas designer that speaks a language you don’t know. You’ll speak to a logo expert who will listen to your needs and create a logo design that fits your business like a tailored suit. Our packages are designed to make you comfortable throughout the process.

Need more than just a Logo Design?  You need a Brand Identity

How exactly can we help your brand?

Actually, from concept to launch!

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Consultation & Planning
Brand Positioning & Messaging
Campaign Development & Execution
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Logo Design & Visual Identity
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Print & Digital Material
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Brand Identity Design NYC

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