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Custom WordPress Web Design

Have your company stand out above the crowd, with a custom WordPress web design!

Take control of your website content, with a dependable CMS that over 80,000,000 companies use for their website.

Are you worried about design limitations with bulky pre-made themes? Don’t be! WordPress allows our talented designers to create a completely custom website design layout, with your needs, wants and requirements in mind.


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“When WordPress adopts modern technologies, so does the rest of the world.”
– Scott Taylor, Software Engineer at The New York Times

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Setup

A lot of business owners are overwhelmed by the technical aspects of owning a website. We’re here to help. We manage the technical side of things, so you can concentrate on what you do best, growing your business.  From domain name purchase and hosting setup, to database configuration and beta-testing.  We will deliver a fully functional, sleek and stylish website for your business, to effectively market your business.

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Custom Design

If you don’t want to use a WordPress pre-designed theme that thousands of other companies use to promote their company, a custom website design layout is the way to go.  A custom design integrates elements of your company’s brand identity to make a website tailored to your vision.  Don’t settle for an out of the box theme that doesn’t fully represent your company.

Web Development NYC

Custom Coding

The sky is the limit with our custom WordPress coding services.  While third-party plugins are a great way to save initial development costs, they can also be a problem when it comes to customizing your website’s functionality and services.  With our custom development, we can create a custom software for your website that is 100% what you need with no limitations.

CMS Website Design NYC

Software Updates

A huge benefit of using a WordPress is how often they update their CMS software, most importantly, security updates.  The security updates help protect your website from being hacked. Resulting in malicious code injections, spreading viruses to your page viewer’s computer.  To avoid this, we offer WordPress software update services, that includes database and file backups.

Website Design Layout NYC

User-Friendly Admin

WordPress is fully equipped with a user-friendly admin area, separating sections of editable areas into tabs (Pages, Posts, Media, etc). As your company grows, the features on your website will require custom tabs (Gallery, Testimonials, Services, etc). We specialize in creating customized WordPress admin areas, enhancing usability & streamline day-to-day website updates.

WordPress Plugin Setup

Plugin Integration

Utilizing pre-made, third-party plugins are a great way to save money.  It’s also a great way to determine the exact functionality that will be needed for your own custom development. It’s important to remember that all plugins rely on the developer who created it for updates and fixes.  If the plugin is not updated as WordPress grows, it will result in compliancy issues and not function properly.

WordPress makes it…easy

Before WordPress (and other similar content management systems) got to be so popular, updating your website typically meant placing a call to your design team, letting them know what you needed, and then waiting for things to happen. It’s not surprising that lots and lots of websites want out-of-date under those conditions.

Today, if you want to change or add content to your business web presence, all you have to do is log in and decide what kinds of edits you want to make. WordPress makes the whole thing simple and straightforward, with no special training required.

Knowing that, you should absolutely look to make the most of your content management system and ensure things like product details, pricing, team member bios, and (especially) contact information are always current and accurate. With WordPress, you have the flexibility to make your website into whatever you want on a daily basis, without having to contact your web design team or pay for small edits. Make the most of that functionality.

Update your website content on your own

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A Bit About WordPress Web Design

WordPress started in 2003 as a single blogging system.  Since then, it has evolved into a full website content management system.  Today, it is one of the largest self-hosted blogging tools and CMS software in the world.

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